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Obagi® Hydrate Luxe

This luxuriously-moisturizing cream from Obagi® provides much-needed hydration to dehydrated, dry skin, although is it suitable for all skin types. Shea butter softens and moisturizes, while Hydromanil helps repair skin’s natural moisture retention levels. The formula also contains Biomimetic Peptides, which are naturally-occurring peptides that promote cell repair processes and form a barrier on your skin that holds hydration in. Hydrate Luxe® is designed to work at night during your body’s natural repair cycle of your skin. You’ll awake to see skin that is glowing and radiant and feels extremely soft.

Key Benefits:

    • Intensive moisturizing cream that works overnight with your body’s natural repair cycle

    • Shea butter softens and moisturizes skin, while Hydromanil helps moisture retention levels

    • Biomimetic Peptides, which are naturally-occurring, form a skin barrier and support cell repair processes

    • Suitable for all skin types, but is especially useful for those with dry or dehydrated skin

Apply to your skin in the evening as part of your daily normal skincare routine.

Key Ingredients:

Chronoline, Kollaren, Hydromanil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Avocado, Glycerin, Biomimetic Peptides


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Obagi® Hydrate Luxe